God loves you!

 We are glad that you are here.

It is no coincidence!
Maybe you are looking for the answers to important questions about life and its sense.

Take the path and discover God on this journey.

Find answers to your questions!
You are right here, no matter what you have experienced so far.
God's heart beats for you!
The way to the heart of God is free.
On the other pages we would like to invite you to the journey to God's heart.

"If you seek me, you will find me."
"Yes, if you seek me with all my heart, I will let you find me."
(Jeremiah 29: 13-14, Bible)

We have experienced that this Bible word is true.

On our journey we were seeking God from our hearts and  found him.
We want to share this precious treasure with you.

Get on your personal path.
It is the most exciting trip you'll ever experience!
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About us

We are Christians who have discovered and experienced
God on our own journey.

We believe that God's Word is true.
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