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(Jeremiah 29: 13-14, Bible)

Prayer requests for the Corona Pandemic Period

In the Almighty Name of Jesus we pray:      

For the people who are infected and afraid    

For the people who have to go through this crisis in isolation    

For the helpers in the hospital, in the grocery stores, postmen, ...

    For the relatives of the through virus lost people

 For doctors and specialist staff in Italy, Spain, Germany, USA    

For the politicians who face a difficult regulatory task    

For the people who have to produce protective equipment    

For a rethinking of companies and companies with wayward economic interests    

For people who have lost their jobs or are on short-time work

    For the people who volunteer

    For the people who stand up for others in prayer

    For improving the situation of people in Greece (Lesbos)

    Against the misuse of God's word in connection with the crisis

    For a return of people to the living God

    For people to think about themselves and their relationship with God

    For the people who work on vaccines and antidotes

    For people to rethink after this crisis and not to resume life at the same pace,

but to turn around, change their lives

   That younger people take warnings seriously

    That Christians worldwide wake up, get up in prayer and call on Jesus in this need,

because only Jesus can silence this storm

    For people in retirement and senior homes that are at high risk and

are not allowed to receive visitors    

Against media addiction, which affects more and more people in times of crisis

    For honest and clear media reports instead of contradicting and one-sided information    

For the current crisis to reveal lies and idols in German society and politics    

For removing the veil of religious blindness

through sincere prayers and turning to Christ    

That a wave of revival comes in the name of Jesus over Germany,

all over Europe, Asia and worldwide    

That the name of God be honored!

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