Komm zurück in die Arme des liebenden Vaters 

What is sin?

Is sin a separation between you and God?

Is sin more than a broken rule or commandment?

What do you think of when you think of sin? Some may think of murder and manslaughter, others of lies and stealing, and still others of the piece of cream cake that they recently treated themselves to. These considerations have one thing in common: they describe something that is not good for your life.

But the Bible tells us that sin goes much further than that. Sin is much more like a "missed target". Because of sin, man is not what God actually thought. The first book of Moses (1 Mos 1:26) tells us that God originally created man as his "image". This means that man should reflect the nature of God like a mirror. Just a quick look at history, even a quick look at my own life, is enough to prove that people don't. I am sure if you are honest with yourself, your life will show you the same thing. Most people around you don't reflect God's love. We as humanity have missed our goal.

In his letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul comes to the same conclusion in his reflections on the subject of “sin”. He wrote in Romans 3:12:

"The scripture says:‘ Nobody is just - not a single one. No one is wise; nobody asks about God. All turned away from God; all have become unusable for God. Nobody does good, not even a single one. "

It`s clear: Every single person missed his goal because of sin.

So we are in a state of missing the target.

How do we know what this goal looks like?

What does a life look like that reflects God's nature?

1. God shows us a example for a true life that reflects its nature by giving us commandments.

The commandments of God are instructions for a successful life in freedom.

So the first commandment prohibits all idolatry. There are many forms of idols in the world today. Some of the examples are: greed for money, gods from other religions, worship of the saints, body and beauty cult, etc. The list can be continued...

For example, the eighth commandment is that you shouldn't lie because God is always telling the truth and there is no falsehood in him. The fifth commandment prohibits killing people because God himself is the source of all life.

 What are 10 commandments ?

The commandments of the Bible are a kind of “instruction manual” for life and show us how we can live a fullfilled und a successful life.

2. Jesus Christ reflects God's nature and shows us what a life looks like in which God's commandments are kept. Even more: He goes with us und helps us to live a righteous life.

So we see in Jesus Christ the image of God, which not only reflects his nature, but he is God himself.

However, knowing what the goal looks like doesn't help us achieve it yet. Because if you are sick, what is the use of knowing what a healthy person looks like?

It means that every person needs a "healing" from their "sickness" and liberation from sin.

Jesus answered them: "It is not the healthy who need the doctor, but the sick. Luke 5.31

At this point, it is important to recognize that you are "sick" and needs "healing".

God wants to change your life for the good and set you free from the power of sin, because sins separate us from God.

The problem of sin can only be solved by believing in Jesus Christ.

Our sin does not stop God from loving us. He went so far that he became human in Jesus Christ and gave his life for us. “Christ suffered when he died once and for all for our sins. He never sinned, but he died for sinners to bring us back to God. ”(1 Peter 3:18) In our place, he accepted the consequences of sin on the cross. Jesus died - but he rose again to life. He reconciled us to God. By believing in him, we can experience God's love and receive eternal life.

God has done everything to show us how much he loves us.

Through Jesus Christ he offers us fulfilled and eternal life.

Everyone is now challenged to make a decision. We can pray that God forgives us our sins. And we can choose to live with God from now on, trusting in Jesus Christ.

How do you choose? If you choose Him, you can pray with all your heart the prayer that you will find on the next page and invite Jesus as the Saviour in your life.


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