When you are ready to invite God into your life from heart,

then you can speak the following prayer for you.

If you do, make it consciously and wholeheartedly.

Jesus Christ, I call your name.

I believe that you are the Son of God.

Thank you for being dead on the cross of Golgotha.

Please forgive me that I have lived without you until now. 

I believe that you are risen from the dead and live today.

I give you my life now with all my worries,

needs, anxieties, complaints, diseases, pain,

self-reproaches and all other negative qualities and sins.

Please give me wisdom, truth and knowledge, as well as your Holy Spirit.

Be my constant companion, my Savior and my Lord.

Now come into my heart and lead me through my life.




You belong to God's family.

In heaven there is a huge joy feast for you.

Read in the Luke 15: 1-7